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Wellness Policy
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Elba City Schools has adopted a Wellness Policy on Physical Activity and Nutrition. During this review, the goal was to make sure the Wellness Policy is being implemented and enforced at the schools it is applied to: Elba High School and Elba Elementary School.  

At all of these locations, the National School Lunch Program and the National School Breakfast Program are provided and made available to all students. The respective USDA guidelines are followed for each program. As per the Wellness Policy, the review showed no food sales where happening during the lunch and breakfast time periods. All other snacks that are sold comply with guidelines set forth by the USDA. The Elba elementary school sells snacks and 100% fruit juices at snack/break time and Elba High School’s beverage vending machines follow the current Smart Snack guidelines as well.

All of Elba City Schools conduct fundraising activities throughout the school year; which include, fruit sales around the holiday season at Elba High School and Fall Festivals at the elementary school. All of these fundraisers fall within the guidelines of the Wellness Policy that is currently being used.

Daily participation in physical activity is provided to the elementary school along with Physical Education classes being mandatory for grades K-8.

During this review, a designated Wellness Committee member completed the evaluations of the schools and were able to give feedback on the actions being put toward keeping schools physically active and nutritionally healthy.

Committee members met again to updated the policy in August 2018.


For more information regarding the Wellness Policy, please contact Christina Morgan at

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