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Elba High journalism staff participates in J-Day at Troy University

On Thursday, Sept. 26, Elba High School’s Journalism Staff attended Troy University’s Journalism Day. 

The staff took part in several self-development classes as well as classes on bettering their journalist skills.
The first of three sessions began with a team building class lead by Dr. Hal Fulmer of Troy University. The session focused on 10 things one must remember to be a strong leader, as well as working well as a team. 
In session two the staff was taught how to embrace technology in yearbook design. Kane Belew led the session by first showing the young journalists how to make a yearbook come to life. In doing so, he educated the class in programs that will let viewers scan certain pictures found throughout the yearbook that will show up on a smart phone as video clips. 
The later part of session two was on giving students advice on how to properly snap photos and edit them using a smart phone. 
In the final session the staff had an option of one of two classes; “New Design” or “The Weird, Wonderful, Wacky World of Photography”. 
“New Design” was led by professor Ava Tabb. The class centered on expanding skills in basic layout and design elements for news media, which include: balance, dominance, and modular design. 
The second choice was led by photojournalist Gary Cosby Jr., best known for his photos taken during and after tornadoes. In his class students were taught what it means to be a photojournalist and how to truly capture “the moment” in photography. 
Journalism Day was an enriching experience for the new staff! Everyone enjoyed themselves while learning how much work and dedication plays into designing a yearbook.

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