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Elba High School Students Perform Career Cluster Projects

Freshmen students taking Mrs. Martha Crawford’s career prep class have taken a series of test that

tells them which career path would best fit them. There are sixteen different clusters that careers can

fit into. Some of the career choices were Agriculture Food and Natural Resources, Architecture and

Construction, Arts A/V Technology and Communications, and Transportation Distribution and Logistics,

and Crime Scene Analyst.

A group of freshmen, Summer Deak, Aaron Wilson, Kelsey Kelly, and Keondra Burrows, chose the

career of Crime Scene Analyst from the Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics cluster.

These students had to record a skit of them performing the duties of a Crime Scene Analyst. In the skit,

students had to figure out how to analyst a crime scene and solve a murder case.

“It was fun yet educational at the same time. I really enjoyed this assignment.” Said group member

Summer Deak, when asked how she felt about this project.

By:Tiffany Richards

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