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NEW Interact Club’s first year at Elba High School

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This year at Elba High School, we welcome the addition of a new club, Interact! Interact is an

organization that focuses on community service, and originates from the National Rotary Club. This will

be the high school’s first year sponsoring this association. The club began with the help of Mrs. Buffy

Lusk, the high school counselor and seniors, Vicente Jimenez and Caitie Lusk. This organization will hold

meetings twice a month that will be held by President of the Elba Rotary Club, Mrs. Laurie Chapman and

followed by President of the Interact Club, Vicente Jimenez. Officers for this club were recently selected

and they include: President, Vicente Jimenez, Vice President Caitie Lusk, Secretary Christal Ingerman,

Treasurer Victoria Greer, Social Chairperson Aaron Wilson, Volunteer Chairperson Wyatt Boswell,

and Reporter Tiffany Richards. The club will be hosting several events this year, including the Elba

Elementary School Fall Festival. Other activities will be later announced. The motto for the Interact Club

is “Service above Self”, and members are expected to live up to this slogan. Students are still invited

to participate, but they must attend all meetings and are expected to be on time, honest and ready to

serve others.

Later this year, members will be learning the 4-Way Test of the things that we say and do.

This Test is composed of four simple steps:

1. Is it the TRUTH?

2. Is it FAIR to all concerned?


4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

The school and administration is very excited for what is to come and expects to see a great impact on

the students at Elba High School.

Vicente Jimenez, President of the Interact Club, says, “Everything started when I went to the leadership

camp in Gantt, Alabama. After that, I went to discuss the club with the Elba Rotary Club and since then,

we have been working hard to get everything started. It finally happened... I am thrilled to get the

opportunity to work with my peers and I can’t wait to see how this club effects the students at Elba High


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