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Elba Elementary School Fall Festival

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The Elba Elementary School Fall Festival is this coming Tuesday. Here's how you can help:

1) Buy or bake a cake for the cake walk (not in a container that you will want back).

2) Donate 2-liter drinks for the soda toss game

3) Become a sponsor for $30 -- get your name or business name on the sponsor wall as well as in the goodie bags on the sponsor list (and I'll through in a warm fuzzy feeling for doing your good deed for the week) smile emoticon

4) Meet me at the school at noon tomorrow to help count prizes!

5) Handle ordering the food (coordinate with Kelley Foods, Wal-Mart, Elba Marketplace and Tiffany Rodgers Germany for purchasing).

6) Coordinate getting the goldfish for the goldfish game.

7) Donate an item for the silent auction - I need this ASAP if you plan to do something -- I want to post them to Facebook by Friday to spur interest and boost bidding.

Elba people - ACTIVATE! Let me know what you can do!! It's almost here!!

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