The winners of the 2014 Homecoming door decorations back button

The winners of the 2014 Homecoming door decorations are:

High School Division:

3rd Place –  Mrs. McLaughlin with “Too Hollywood for Highland Home.”

2nd Place – Mrs. Carpenter with “Tigers Pop the Squadron”

1st Place – Coach Hammonds with “Cars. . .Tigers Tow the Squadron back to the Flight Line!”

Best Overall  - Mrs. Morgan with “The Squadron is FROZEN in flight.  Planes never bothered Tigers anyway. . .”


Elementary School Division:

In the Kindergarten through 3rd Grade group:

Most Creative–Mrs. O’Neal’s class with “Be ambitious Tigers, anything less is Despicable”

Funniest –  Mrs. Newby’s class with “Tigers will make the Squadron Batty” (Featuring Mr. Threadgill as Batman

Red Carpet Award – 1st Grade Hall with “First Grade Freezes the Flying Squadron”


In the 4th grade through 6th grade group:

Most Creative– Ms. Pylant’s Class with “Cinema. . .Now Showing. .  .Judgement Day”

Red Carpet Award – Mrs. Harrison’s Class with “Freeze the Squadron”

Funniest – Mrs. Wilson’s Class with “Apollo 13. . .Elba Tigers Blast the Squadron”


In the elementary support staff group:

1st Place – Nurse Starla with “Double Double Toil & Trouble”

2nd Place – Mrs. Smith with “Who ya gonna beat? The Squadron!”

3rd Place – Mrs. Bell with “Elba Tiger Hunger Games”

The Best Overall Winner for the Elementary school is: Mrs. Mularz computer lab with “Finding Nemo. . .Stay calm and just keep winning, just keep winning”

 Congratulations to all of the winners and thank you to everyone for your hard work!

Elba High School LMS